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Participants should consult the OERu Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017 when proposing operational priorities for 2016 and corresponding KPIs. Review the 2015 baseline data and 2017 strategic targets when proposing KPIs for 2016.

Goal 3

Achieve a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

Objective 1

Recruit the minimum number of partners for a fiscally sustainable OERu network


  • 32 Contributing partners (attrition of 4 partners from 2014 citing budgetary pressures for leaving the network)

(With the growth in the OERu network and corresponding operational demands in delivery technology and product, the OERF has had less time to focus on recruitment with only 2 FTE staff. We need help from partner institutions to identify leads for prospective partners. Every three new partners we recruit, will equate to roughly to the ability to commission the assembly of an OERu course for the benefit of the network.)

Recommended KPIs for 2016

  • Add KPIs here

Objective 2

Diversify external funding sources for OERu strategic and research projects


(2015 KPI of $200,000 achieved).

  • Increased contribution from platinum partners contributing to shared position $80,000
  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation: General Operating Support Grant $300,000 over three years starting 1 July 2015.
  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation: Capability Development Grant to support marketing, communications, and fund development $24,500

(Note: To date, we have not explored the option of corporate citizenship sponsorship for once-off contributions to outsource assembly of OERu courses to fill gaps in our programme of study.)

Recommended KPIs for 2016

  • Showcase flagship delivery (1 Full programme, three large showcase course.)
  • Strategic capacity development project (MOOCS) - capacity building partner (organisation in need).
  • Solving world problems - sustainable development goals, "Water conservations / quality" "Food security"
  • Diversify funding resources (corporate citizenship, additional donor funding.)
  • Additional 15 partners by end of 2016

Objective 3

Continue and expand the CIPP monitoring and evaluation of the OERu implementation

(Comment.gif: This objective was original part of Strategic Goal 2 relating to processes to improve OERu operations. However, the monitoring and evaluation nature of the CIPP evaluation seems better placed with the Strategic objective relating to achieving a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network and I propose that we shift this object to Goal 3 as a better "fit". --Mackiwg (talk) 08:14, 30 September 2015 (UTC))

The Context, Input, Product and Process (CIPP) evaluation model was agreed at the meeting of Founding anchor partners on 2011.


Recommended KPIs for 2016