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Participants should consult the OERu Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017 when proposing operational priorities for 2016 and corresponding KPIs. Review the 2015 baseline data and 2017 strategic targets when proposing KPIs for 2016.

Strategic Goal 1

Develop a coherent OERu programme of study with defined learning pathways and exit credentials

Objective 1

Develop product for a coherent OERu programme of study

2015 baseline

  • 52 full course equivalent nominations
  • 6 courses completed / near completion
  • No increase in the number of additional programmes (still 2 additional programmes)
  • 40% of the 30 teaching partners have nominated their 1st course contribution (decrease because of member not renewing membership)
  • 30% have nominated their 2 course contribution with 20% of the teaching partners exceeding the 2 course requirement.

Recommended KPIs for 2016

  • Preface: We currently have 8 nominated full 1st year courses that could be widely used (with 2 others)
  • A minimum of 5 new course nominations that principally target English, Math, Ethics, and other non-elective/mainstream courses. Some of these may come from harvesting open courseware + using CLEP exams.
  • A minimum of 6 completed courses from the existing list of nominated courses by April 2016
  • A minimum of 4 additional completed courses by April 2016 (to provide the required 10 courses for the MVP)
  • A minimum of 15 full course nominations (including completed courses) by December 2016, to enable more choice beyond the required 10

Objective 2

Develop guidelines and implement procedures for building the OERu programme of study incorporating alternate pathways (streams)

2015 Baseline

  • Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) agreed as inaugural credential of the OERu.
  • Tentative streams were identified during 2nd meeting of OERu partners - but little progress in building on these streams.
  • Results of partner survey on the Bachelor of General Studies confirm that three quarters of the OERu partners have a BGS or similar credential on their books.
  • Initial draft of a Programme specification for 1st year of study completed.

Recommended KPIs for 2016

  • Identification of 3 viable streams designed to enhance employability by January 2016 (e.g., International development, Healthcare, Business & Technology, Electrical Engineering, Education, etc.). Note that viable streams will likely be those for which a partner institution has a well developed program.
  • Identify and appoint a program director for each identified stream by January 2016. The program director may be held by an institution.
  • Program directors to conduct an OER audit and articulate a project plan no later than April 2016

Objective 3

Develop and implement procedures for streamlining the nomination of OERu courses and supporting design documentation

2015 Baseline

  • Incorporated course nominations into the Institutional Action Plan (IAP) initiative (however partners have not been diligent in keeping the nominated course information up to date in the wiki.)
  • Consolidated the separate course nomination pages for each year into a single "source of truth" by establishing a Course development schedule.
    • Implemented a web-form to simplify submissions in the wiki
    • Developed a widget which can extract simplified tables from the main course schedule, for example 1st year courses listing progress and date of completion.
  • Input evaluation survey incorporated an item to assess considerations for course nominations (Q14)
  • 74% of the OERu partners have assigned a CMS administrator (37% in 2014)

Recommended KPIs for 2016

  • Add KPIs here