OERu 13.10 Getting it done proposal for action

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Members: David Porter, Trish Donovan, Brian Lamb, David Bull, Sandra Wills, Irwin DeVries


  • 0.2 FTE - more was spent on admin time at institutions
  • Question – can institutions do this or do there need to be extra considerations
  • NTAs can assist with organizational roles – can bring system perspectives
  • Try to keep it simple
  • Need clarity about who we are


Getting it done

Aims of the activity (longer term)

  • Establish institutional collaboration roles beyond .2 FTE commitments
  • Meeting the OERu needs as a network beyond indidivual course contributions
  • Obtain core set of operating principles
  • Get the project done

Objectives of the activity (short term)

  • Institutions to take lead responsibility for
    • Quality issues
    • Credit transfer and articulation, credit banking
    • Marketing and recruitment – communication – search engine optimization, etc.
    • Curriculum and program design—e.g. micro courses – degree pathways, supporting internationalization – could focus towards arts, vocational, etc.
    • Collaborative open design
    • Meta design level – good practices across the OERu
    • Open resources
    • Technology side – work with NTAs
    • Learner support e.g. AVI, student success
    • Business model
    • OERu ambassadors – people directly involved become Ambassadors
  • Meeting next year?
  • Fundraising
  • (Can get volunteers outside of OERu network)

Narrative description of what you will do

Formalize commitments – timelines and what we’re all putting in

What inputs are required?

  • Tangible commitments from institutions
  • Timeframes and plans - implementation
  • Internal institutional advocates etc.
  • Letters of commitment signed by CEs) – expression of support
  • More commitment for new members
  • Foundation startup funding – esp due to global nature