Group 3: Issues and OERu meeting priorities

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Identify the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Establish a program of courses (critical mass of courses)
  • How can credit be accepted across institutions (and national standards)
    • quality assurance
    • transnational academic framework(s)
    • credentials from governmental/professional bodies
    • critical for academic integrity of OERu
  • Clear articulation of value, to different stakeholders
    • students
    • governments
    • society
    • academics (key to driving it forward)
      • thinking about this mapping of values during course development could facilitate achieving transfer of credit
      • rewarding staff within institutions for activities (benefits of attribution)
      • peer review

Bullet list of issues and questions

  • technical and "laboratory" sessions
  • credentials that lead directly to employable skills
  • acceptance of courses as "electives" seems easier than core courses
  • the terminology of academia varies widely across partners... a glossary would be helpful

Strategic leadership issues to be tabled at the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers

  • making sure the institution strategy for OERu use & reuse is clearly articulated to staff
    • explaining benefits
    • sharing expertise and resources is a value, not driving down costs
    • overcoming uncertainty or even fear
  • rewarding staff within institutions for activities aligned with OERu
    • reuse
    • adapting
    • citation
  • rewarding institutions (to their governments) for their OERu participation