OERu 13.10 Agenda

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Session 3: Strategic issues and related decisions

Group 1: Planning for a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

  • How do we recruit the additional 20 anchor partners to achieve the break-even threshold without reliance on third party funding (we need 45 - 50 partners)? Do you have ideas for the design of the "OERu 2014-50" project (i.e how to achieve 50 partners by the end of 2014)?
  • We need recommendations and guidelines on how to invest surplus revenue for additional members above the break-even threshold. (For example, invest in the paid assembly of courses? If so, we need criteria for selecting these courses for development? Other priorities?)
  • Strategic note: Avoid donor funded projects for supporting operations thus avoiding dependencies - however, are there strategic OERu projects worthy of funding applications?

Task: Develop a proposal for action to achieve a fiscally sustainable OERu with suggested timeline.

Group 2: Leveraging open textbooks for the OERu collaboration

  • BCcampus, a founding OERu anchor partner is leading the the BC Open Textbook initiative to develop the 40 highest-impact first-and second-year courses as open textbooks.
  • A key to the success of open textbook projects is adoption by faculty.
  • OERu (currently with four Canadian anchor partners) presents a unique opportunity for our collaboration to assist with adoption, while increasing the number of OERu courses on offer.

Task: Develop a proposal for action on how the OERu can support the BC Open Textbook initiative for our mutual advantage.

Group 3: OERu curriculum work group

  • We need a decision proposal for the suggested timeline for an OERu partner to complete their two course contribution?
  • Should the network reduce the number of required courses for development when we have sufficient numbers? Does this make a difference?
  • How do we go about developing an OERu programme of study for the Bachelor of General studies?
  • What do students need to support decisions on programme of study and where their credits will be recognised (student guide / calendar of study?)

Group 4: OERu leaders and implementers work group - Inputs for the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers meeting

  • What are the challenges OERu prototype implementers have experienced and how can leadership help?
  • What does leadership need to ensure successful implementation of the OERu?
  • What are the challenges the OER Foundation has experienced during the OERu prototype implementation phase?