OERu/OERu 13.09 SCOPE Seminar themes

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  1. OERu Differentiation features: Wed 18 and Thu 19 September 2013
    • What is the OERu point of difference and does it need one?
    • What differentiates the OERu collaboration from xMOOCs?
    • What has contributed to the uptake and global interest in the cMOOCs and xMOOCs?
    • What does this mean for OERu?
  2. OERu operations and lessons we are learning: Fri 20 and Mon 22 September 2013
    • What are the institutional capacity development requirements for OERu operations? How do we address these?
    • What are the lessons we are learning from prototyping?
    • What technologies will bring us closer to achieving our goals and how do we implement them?
    • What are the business models for scalable and sustainable operations?
  3. Micro-credentials: Tue 24 and Wed 25 September 2013
    • What are micro-credentials in the OERu context?
    • What are the barriers and opportunities for implementing micro-credentials for the OERu?
    • What will they look like and how will they work?
  4. Textbook Zero: Thu 26 and Fri 27 September 2013
    • How do we align OERu programme development with open textbook initiatives?
    • Are there any open textbook projects could adopt for OERu course development?
  5. Quality issues for the OERu: Mon 30 September 2013
    • How should the OERu partners promote and ensure quality?
    • What are the issues associated with an institution with questionable quality standards joining the OERTen (eg degree mill operator)?
    • How do quality perceptions of the OERu model impact on standing with regional qualification authorities around the world?
  6. Design based research: Tue 1 and Wed 2 October 2013
    • What can we learn from design based approaches for implementing the OERu?