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Key points
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Guiding questions

These questions were generated from the Australian partners meeting and personal communications with New Zealand partners.

OERu strategy and planning

  1. What is the OERu logic model and how does it inform planning?
  2. How does open planning work in the OERu international partnership?
  3. How are the planning activities organised?
  4. How are decisions made in the OERu network?
  5. What meetings inform the planning process and how does this feed into the Australian OERu 2014 meetings?
  6. How can I participate in the planning process?
  7. Are we missing any important strategic goals for the 2014 - 2017 plan?
  8. What are the substantive risks which would prevent the OERu from achieving its goals?
  9. Do you have any thoughts on the priority ranking of the stated goals?
  10. Are there any strategic objectives missing from the list which would contribute to the attainment of our strategic goals?
  11. Any general comments, ideas or thoughts to help OERu achieve success?
  12. How can the OERu strategy narrow the gap between the value the network provides and the value extracted by individual partners?

Operational issues (Design and delivery)

  1. How is a typical OERu course structured?
  2. How are OERu courses facilitated?
  3. How do we design for learner support?
  4. What are the delivery options and how do they work (eg self-study versus open online courses)?
  5. What is a mOOC and why is the OERu implementing micro courses as an option?
  6. What is parallel mode delivery in the OERu context?
  7. What summative assessment options can we consider?
  8. What is the OERu Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and why do we use PLEs?
  9. What is the pedagogy of discovery and how does this save time, money and improve the learning experience?


  1. Why does the OERu use a wiki as authoring environment for courses?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the wiki model for course development?
  3. What are the options for repackaging wiki content for alternative delivery systems?
  4. What solutions can we implement for changing the look-and-feel to support local branding of OERu content?
  5. How can we facilitate reuse of OERu course content in the local LMSs of partner institutions?