Mark Nichols presentation notes for NZOERu14.07 partner meeting

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  1. OP is committed to openness…
    • and the implications of its IP
    • Institutional configuration as ODL provider
  2. Separation of design and delivery, yet integrated experience to the student
  3. Capitalisation of courseware, and its maintenance
  4. High fixed, lower variable-cost
  5. Different capitalisation base and delivery model to other providers
    • Supportive of OERu – it’s open!
    • OERu, OERs influence distance education differently than they do on-campus and blended provider
    • Contributed three micro-courses in Psychology (close to completion)
    • Exploring implications of CC-BY in course design
    • Increasingly focussed on online-only courses, text independent, media-rich
    • Future with OERu: to contribute expertise and participate in its success