OERu/New Zealand OERu 14.07 partner meeting/Agenda/Course Sprint

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  • To design and develop a course sprint which will lead to the development of digital skills for OER implementation.


  • Has a course to work on
  • A decision to develop as OER.
  • Working on own course but peer review challenges / activities incorporated.
  • Can be part / subset of course.
  • Mapped to the learning outcomes of this OERu course
  • Reuse for professional academic development


  • Define what we mean by a course sprint - Glossary?
  • First prototype by 1 September 2014
    • Help develop future resource for course sprints
    • Contribute to the OERU partners manual.
  • Design the course sprint process.
  • Trial during Otago Poly OER week.



  • What skills?