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The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is an institution of global standing and impact. Among the top two per cent of the world’s universities, UTAS has a reputation for learning and research that is international in scope, vision and standards.

The UTAS value of creating and serving shared purpose challenges us in the area of social good. As an anchor partner of OER University (OERu) we can collaborate with other like-minded institutions to enact this value. This will allow UTAS to truly incorporate a global perspective into units and courses which will benefit not only our students, but also learners globally. We also believe that participating in open educational practices is well aligned with UTAS vision to be a world leader in learning and teaching, forging a direction in learning that puts students firmly at the centre. The vision encourages recognition of the expertise of UTAS teachers through sharing developed resources with the broader academic community; and encourages and affirms the use of high quality content sourced from experts in Tasmania and around the globe, through open educational resources and collaborative opportunities not bounded by place.

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