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Summary of activity outputs
  1. Discussions below informed the development of the OERu website.
  2. The concept of a brand strategy document proved to be overly ambitious and complex within the time frames preparing for the launch of the OERu in November 2013.
  3. A small working group with representatives from Otago Polytechnic, University of Wollongong, Excelsior College, Thompson Rivers University and the OER Foundation competed the website copy and branding for the OERu.

Initial ideas

Place holder page for drafting the OERu brand strategy document based on brainstorm inputs from the community.

The following team will progress work on refining a brand pyramid:

  • Wayne Mackintosh (email), Director, OER Foundation.
  • Anil Prasad, WikiEducator community volunteer (email) 04:24, 10 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Mark Michalisin, Executive Director of Business Development, Center for Educational Measurement, Excelsior College
  • Jim Taylor, Professor Emeritus, USQ and member of the OER Foundation Board.
  • Robin Day, Chair of the Board of Directors, OER Foundation.
  • Mike Wadell, Director: Communications, Otago Polytechnic.
  • Tori (Victoria) Klassen Director, Communications, BCcampus.

We propose using a three-tier pyramid:

  • Brand attributes (base of the pyramid) which describe the functional characteristics of the OERu brand
  • Brand values which defines the heart of our brand and the external perceptions we wish to project including distinct advantages and points of difference.
  • Brand essence is our singular point of difference which inspires everything we do.

Brand attributes

List and prioritise brand attributes (including a defining sentence or two of the attribute).

Proposed brand attributes

  •  Open
  • Affordable
  • Comprehensive
  • Sustainable
  • Supportive

Final brand attributes

After an online polling process of the proposed brand attributes the team will decide and list the final brand attributes

Brand values

Proposed brand values

List and prioritise brand values (including a defining sentence or two of the attribute)

  • Enrichment
  • Enlightenment
  • Educate

Final brand attributes

After a polling process of the proposed brand attributes the team will decide and list the final brand attributes

Brand essence

Proposed brand essence candidates

The team will propose one or more brand essence concepts and take a decision on how to manage the selection process.

  • Sustainable learning
  • Creating pathways to an affordable higher education