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The educator perspective is the theme of this handbook - a manual for educators on how to develop and use OER. Here is a summary of some of the ways in which educators can use and promote OER:

  • Adapting and extending existing OER for a local purpose.
  • Choosing OER as part of the readings to support a growing international movement towards more and higher quality OER
  • Publishing materials as OER by simply allowing public access to online courses (if e-learning is used) or archiving key materials on sites that offer free hosting (for example, for images, for presentations, etc.)
  • Sharing one's work in ways that makes it easy for others to access it and collaborate on adding more materials or examples.
  • Translating the resources into other languages.
  • Teaching in ways that encourage students to access and produce OER, and assess the quality of online resources.
  • Experimenting with peer-based assessment models and reputation mechanisms familiar to the learners from social networking and e-commerce sites (e.g. rating each others' work based on five stars).


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