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When we localize and remix physical materials in the classroom, we use tools like photocopiers, scissors, and glue. Localizing and remixing digital materials like OERs often requires a different set of tools. The following is a list of tools for localizing and remixing:

Dotsub is a video website that focuses on translation and subtitles. Users upload a video and members or the community add translations and subtitles. Videos can be embedded in other websites and licensed with a BY-NC. http://dotsub.com/

Kaltura is an online video site that allows potentially anyone to edit their videos (depends on the settings you choose). Videos hosted by Kaltura are licensed BY-SA and are free to download. Though not as well known as YouTube and other video sharing sites, Kaltura may have a more prominent role in the future because it allows for more kinds of contribution and has an agreement with Wikipedia to host their video (Wikimedia Foundation Inc., 2008). http://www.kaltura.com/

YouTube Remixer is a part of YouTube that allows registered users to remix videos as well as add captions and transitions. The remixer is only available to registered users and you cannot export videos as part of YouTube's Terms of Service. http://www.youtube.com/signup?next=/ytremixer

Jumpcut is a video sharing service owned by Yahoo. Users upload clips of video and other users can create their own remix. Like YouTube, Jumpcut videos cannot be downloaded. http://www.jumpcut.com


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