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As stated in the Introduction, one of the four "Rs" is "Reuse." This section will show you where to find these resources as well as ones that can be localized or remixed (see Adapt OER section). There is a general sense that by now the open education movement has produced a huge amount of free and open content. Much funding has been provided to support content production. For example, the OpenCourseWare consortium counts more than 150 institutional members, and there are numerous wiki sites for the collaborative development of content. While all of this has resulted in a lot of content, finding OER that is ideally suited to your individual needs can be challenging.

Because OER is generated largely through volunteer work, the topics and types of OER available varies widely. Additionally, quality control is handled differently by each site, with some sites being more selective than others. This makes the process of finding OER occasionally difficult and sometimes frustrating. While OER exists in many places on the internet, there are a few sites in particular that are good places to start when looking for new material.


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