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Image courtesy of Noah Sussman

eXe is a basic HTML editor with special features supporting educational content creation that is designed for people who are unfamiliar with HTML. Bluefish is geared towards educators who already know HTML. Filezilla is easy to use and helpful for moving files between computers and servers.

Program Name Uses of Program Compatible formats Operating Systems
Bluefish[1] HTML editor. Guide[2]. HTML, CSS Windows® (some difficulty with installation), Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux
eXe[3] HTML editor with modules (such as quizzes) for easy site creation Online manual[4] HTML, CSS Windows®, Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux
Filezilla[5] FTP (File Transfer Protocol); used for moving pages and images to a website. See Self-publishing in Publish OER for more information. Any type of file found on the internet Windows®, Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux
Firefox[6] Web browser similar to Internet explorer with extensions to add functionality and change appearance. Tutorial about extensions[7]. Compatible with most web pages Windows®, Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux
KompoZer[8] HTML, designed to be similar to Adobe Dreamweaver. Formerly called NVU. Any type of file found on the internet Windows®, Mac OS X®, GNU/Linux


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