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Project planning

Developing the project specification

A chronological history and background
  • The OER handbook project is sponsored by COSL and the Hewlett Foundation. The concept content outline was inspired by the life cycle of an OER. For example:
    • Where and how do I get OER content;
    • How do I localise content
    • How do I remix content, etc (see OER Handbook blog].
  • The OER handbook project announces that it is teaming up with WikiEducator. This is an important project for education in the developing world and WikiEducator has offered to host the content development and provide inputs and support in assisting COSL in developing this resource.
  • UNESCO is facilitating the development of the UNESCO OER Toolkit under the leadership of Philipp Schmidt, of the University of the Western Cape.
  • In the spirit of collaboration and to avoid duplication of effort the two projects have attempted to develop a merged outline.
  • Initial comparisons and discussions reveal that we need to think about structuring these resources for multiple audiences.
  • Leigh Blackall takes the initiative in arranging a virtual meeting to discuss the project. Teemu Leinonen, who is faciliting an course at Wikiversity, joined in the discussions with David Wiley, Seth Gurell and Wayne Mackintosh.

Planning documents

Prototype content (Merged or deprecated with the actual handbook)

Prototype pages are preliminary documents done in January and February of 2008. Some of this information has been moved to the educator mini-handbook table of contents. They are kept here for archival purposes.

proposed multiple handbook (page for macro-level outlines as discussed in the meetings; or should it be called structure?)
proposed handbook outline (will be deprecated in favor of the merged outline unless the community objects)
merged outline (outline currently used)
discrete outline (experiment following Wayne's proposal)

get OER
create OER(using open formats, open editing, open source etc)
license OER
Publish OER