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Screengrab of the meeting whiteboard

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On 7 Feb 2008, Wayne Mackintosh, Teemu Leinonen, David Wiley, Seth Gurell, and Leigh Blackall met to discuss the initial efforts for the OER Handbook. Seth and David outlined why they started the project. Ideas included the creation of mini books to be brought into one; the creation of a generic text book; creation of lesson plans and learning activities to compliment that text book; the need to find and agree of a structure; to start with identifying and responding to a range of questions; to write micro with a view to forming macro views...

What's in it?

--Leighblackall 00:44, 7 February 2008 (CET)

  • A nice intro from someone/people special - maybe a series of short stories from different stakeholders
  • Intro - What is OER
  • Intro - How can OER help you
  • Intro - How can you help OER
  • How to use Wikipedia and other MediaWikis
  • How to use Connextions
  • How to use MIT and other OCW
  • How to use CreativeCommons
  • How to use Youtube and other popular media sharing services
  • How to use out of copyright materials
  • How to introduce OER to your organisation
  • How to prepare an IP Policy and Copyright statement for OER
  • How to publish and promote your OER
  • How to join in on OER projects
  • Where to get funding for OER development
  • Other kinds of support for OER
  • Issues, threats, visions, and concerns for OER

Chat record

Joined on 7 February 2008 at 11:01

  1. (Leigh Blackall): yes
  2. Wayne: Hi Teemu
  3. (Teemu Leinonen): H wayne.
  4. (Teemu Leinonen): we are just making the agenda with Leigh.
  5. Wayne: Cool!
  6. (David): oine sec
  7. (Teemu Leinonen): Hi David.
  8. (Teemu Leinonen): yes.
  9. (David):
  10. (Wayne): Hi David
  11. (Leigh Blackall): http://wikieducator.org/OER_Handbook
  12. (Leigh Blackall): Hewlett FOundation grant started it
  13. (Leigh Blackall): I like handbook
  14. (Wayne): Sorry David -- COL want's to help you achieve your objectives because they're our objectives as well
  15. (Leigh Blackall):
  16. (Leigh Blackall): lifecycle
  17. (Leigh Blackall): story in the life
  18. (Leigh Blackall): found, localised, added together, licensed, used, shared back out
  19. (Wayne): I like the lifestyle typology
  20. (Wayne): Shouldn't be a problem -- its a wiki
  21. (David): http://wikieducator.org/Talk:OER_Handbook/merged_outline
  22. (David): yep
  23. illya: Sorry, I need to go. Thank you for the interesting presentation.
  24. illya: I'll look into it further
  25. Bee: see you illya
  26. (David): bye
  27. illya: bye
  28. (Wayne): The trick is to be clear about what we want in each subsection ....
  29. (Leigh Blackall): sorry
  30. (Leigh Blackall): I was bringing up the page
  31. (Leigh Blackall): yes, we need common structure
  32. Bee: interesting idea
  33. (Wayne): yeah -- I like the perspective approach
  34. (Leigh Blackall): yes
  35. (Wayne): Agree!!!!!
  36. (Wayne): Structure needs refining
  37. (Leigh Blackall): OERhandbook/Structure
  38. (Wayne): Sounds good to me ...
  39. (Wayne): Define the parameters eg how big is a substructure in terms of learning time
  40. (Wayne): risks are fun
  41. (Teemu Leinonen): substructure in terms of learning time = reading/watching/listening time?
  42. (Wayne): Of course
  43. (Teemu Leinonen): Hmm... I think they are not exactly the same thing.
  44. Bee: must go now..thank you for the invite
  45. (Wayne): Teemu in DE we calculate notional learning hours which includes reading/watching/listening/doing assignments/thinking etc
  46. (Wayne): They are different in the sense that watching and reflecting is different from just reading ...
  47. (Leigh Blackall): WHY: grounded, practical, compelling real benefits
  48. (Leigh Blackall): what it is, how you can use it, practical tips
  49. (Wayne): Have you figured how Wikipedia works
  50. Moira Hunter: Thank you for inviting me and allowing me to listen. I must leave now. It has been very interesting for me. Thanks again.
  51. (Teemu Leinonen): Wayne: yes
  52. (Teemu Leinonen): Wayne: ..and not going to tell it anyone. I am asking a patent for that.
  53. (Leigh Blackall): yes ok
  54. (Teemu Leinonen): Wayne: you are right.
  55. (Leigh Blackall): http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Anatomy_and_Physiology_of_Animals
  56. (Leigh Blackall): http://www.wikieducator.org/The_Anatomy_and_Physiology_of_Animals
  57. (Wayne): Yeah -- but its lacking in integrated activities and we have way's in which we can do this ....
  58. (Leigh Blackall): dog food, cat skinning,
  59. (Leigh Blackall): lol
  60. (Wayne): Yeah and 100 ways to ride a dead horse!!!
  61. (Wayne): Hey -- this is free content, we are free to adapt and change as we like
  62. (Leigh Blackall): free, but not time free
  63. (Leigh Blackall): maximum efficient use of our time
  64. (Wayne): Sure and that's the happy medium -- the value propositioin in terms of saving time by using OERs
  65. (Leigh Blackall): I agree Teemu
  66. (Wayne): COOL -- NExt step get the page up
  67. (Leigh Blackall): lol
  68. (Wayne): Lets not reinvent the wheel -- I agree
  69. (Wayne): Will do ...
  70. (Wayne): Hey Leigh thanks for organising this -- !
  71. (David): y
  72. (Teemu Leinonen): Thank you Leigh, Wayne and David- Must run.
  73. (Wayne): OK -- I must run now
  74. (David): k
  75. (Wayne): Great thanks folks -- cheers
  76. (David): bye!
  77. (Leigh Blackall): ok