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If you feel passionate about free/libre and open education and would like to encourage your own or other institutions to adopt an open access approach and to use and develop OER, this collection of resources are for you - a champion for the cause of open access education.

Convincing people (individuals or whole institutions) can be challenging and it is important to present the case in the right way (to the right people).

The aim is to link to existing and develop new resources for champions of free/libre and open education to share with potential users (educators, learners, institutions, organisations, ...) of WikiEducator and other similar OER repositories/communities? (supporting community strategic action)

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Resources for Champions, Advocates and Evangelists

  • advocacy "how to"
  • strategic actions list: what you can do to advance the cause of open education - within your institution, or as an evangelist to organisations you encounter who could benefit, ....

For Potential Users

  • motivational documents (why OER/WE) for educational institutions or NGOs etc. who routinely develop and disseminate educational materials
  • draft policy documents for various kinds of organisations (e.g. primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational, NGOs, ...)
  • "how to" documents (from concept to implementation and extension)

Additional Resources

External Links