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Pre-workshop check list

  1. Confirmations:
    • Confirm date and time with the host school. The host school is responsible for inviting and confirming attendance of participants.
    • Confirm the anticipated number of attendees. Encourage the host school to invite a minimum of 10 participants for a Wiki-taster session
    • Confirm that the computer lab will have Internet connectivity for the facilitator, participants and any guests attending the session.
    • Confirm that a digital data projector and screen will be available for the facilitator.
    • Arrange for suitable audio for the facilitor's computer which will be used for showing video clips. In a small room, a standard pair of external computer speakers is usually adequate.
    • Request host school to email the facilitator a participant list including Names, teaching responsibilities, email adresses prior to the workshop.
  2. Handouts:
    • Print a copy of the two latest issues of OERNZ News for each participant. Take these along with you as a handouts. (Note that the Newsletter is designed to be printed back-to-back and restricted to two A4 pages per Issue. Colour printing is optional as the layout is designed to reproduce well in grey-scale.)
    • Optional, the school may wish to produce printed handouts using their duplication facilities <insert link to pdf with number of pages.). Alteratively use the online version of the Wiki-taster materials.
  3. Pre-workshop activities
    • Post a message on the OERNZ mailing list a few days before your Wiki-taster session to keep the community informed of OERNZ activities and scheduled sessions. Invite members from the community to leave a personal note on the respective participant's talk page during the session. Remember to include the scheduled time for the session in your post to the OERNZ list. This will inform the community when to post messages if they are available. This is a powerful motivator for Newbies and is a great way to build community.
    • Create a portal page for the host school prior to the session -- this will save time during the wiki-taster and this is a great way for teachers have something to work on and practice their newly acquired skills.
      • First check if your host school has already created a portal page in WikiEducator. If this was done correctly, the page should be entered on the List of New Zealand School OER portals
      • If not, create a portal page for the host school using this tutorial
  4. List your workshop on the register of Wiki-taster sessions
    • List your workshop on the Record of Wiki-taster sessions
    • Sessions are labelled sequentially, eg WT1 (Wiki-taster 1), WT2 (WIki-taster 2) etc.
    • Your session must be linked as a subpage from the record of Wiki-taster sessions, for example [[OERNZ/OERNZ_Training/Record_of_Wiki-taster_sessions/WT1|WT1]].
    • Complete the relevant detail in the table, including Date, School, City, Region and include a link to your user page. (The record of participant numbers should be completed after the workshop).
  5. Create a home page for your Wiki-taster session

Workshop activities

  1. Distribute an attendance list with name, position and email address and upload this to your page for the respective wiki-taster.
  2. Take a few photos of the workshop for uploading on the wiki-taster page for your session.

Post workshop activities