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The WikiEducator OERNZ treasure hunt is a game where your facilitator will post a number of interesting and sometimes challenging questions / trivia about the WikiEducator project.

The purpose of the treasure hunt is to have a little fun while discovering the amazing world of wikis. Visit this page regularly, so that you don't miss any of the questions posted by the facilitators.

  • Collect the answers to each question posted below
  • You are free to share your discoveries and answers with fellow participants in the course -- remember that sharing will have an impact on determining the winner of the treasure hunt ;-)
  • At the end of the workshop each participant is required to submit the answers to the posted treasure hunt questions individually and email these to facilitator of the course.
  • Rules of the game:
    • All answers must be received by email on 8pm, Wednesday 21 March 2010 (New Zealand Time). No late entries will be allowed.
    • The facilitator's decision is final.
    • Winners will receive the WikiEducator accolade of "Treasure Hunt Winner" and the honour to display the corresponding badge on their user page.
    • Answers to the questions of previous Treasure hunt quests may or may not be published by the organisers on the wiki.
    • Play fair, but most of all, have fun!

Let the treasure hunt begin!

Question 1

  • When did WikiEducator achieve 10,000 registered users and how many months since inception of the project did it take to achieve this milestone?