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Unit 3.3 Web application development tools & Technologies

3.3.3 HTML HTML elements HTML document structure HTML attributes HTML text formatting tags Lists Graphics to HTML document Tables HTML hyperlinks Frames

3.3.3 HTML

Internet works on client-server model which consists of two types of computers:- Server & Client. Server is the computer who offers the information to be read and computers that reads the information offered by the server is called client.
The information stored in server is in the form of files, i.e. web pages. The language used to develop web pages is called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This language is interpreted by a browser.

The creation of the content of the web site/pages is done simply on any text editor and after creating HTML file you can view its content in the web browser.

HTML Editors:

HTML document can edit by any simple text editor or professional text editor.

Text editor:


Professional HTML Editor:

                             Adobe dreamweaver

Creating web page with notepad:                           

1. Open Notepad
2. Type HTML code in Notepad
3. Save file as .html or .htm extension
4. Run(open) the file in your browser

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