Nutritional needs

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               During this time drugs, herbs, vitamins, amino acids or minerals that effect blood clotting mechanisms  
               should be avoided prior to surgery.  If the trauma was not surgical than the patient must be assessed   
               for any condition that will effect clotting mechanisms.

Inflammatory Phase:

                       Vitamin A - enhances early inflammatory phase
                       Bromelain and adequate protein intake - prevents prolonging inflammatory phase
                       Vitamin C - enhances neutropil migration and lymphocyte transformation 

Proliferative Phase:

                       Vitamin C - necessary for collagen synthesis
                       Centella asiatica - promotes type-1 collagen synthesis
                       Glucosamine - enhances hyaluronic acid production
                       Vitamin A - promotes epithelial cell differentiation
                       Zinc - required for DNA synthesis, cell division and protein synthesis
                       Calendula succus and Aloe vera - support formation of granulation tissue


                       Protein deficiency - inhibits wound remodeling

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