Nutrition in the Community Health

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SLMtitle.png Foods and Nutrition

Chapter Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Nutrition and Health
  4. Balanced Diet
  5. Diet Therapy
  6. Summary
  7. Glossary
  8. SAQ.

SLMinto.png Introduction

As we know, the food that we eat is digested and absorbed it is utilized by the body. Food helps us in staying healthy. What do we mean by the term ‘Health’? How do we know if a person is healthy? What is meant by the term ‘Nutrition’? Our diet should be such that it meets our nutritional requirements and thus helps us in staying healthy.A balanced diet is according to the needs of the individual. Although food occupies the first position in the hierarchy of our needs, ignorance of many basic facts relating to food and nutrition is still widespread. All of us eat food every day – but have we ever paused to consider if our diet is balanced? In fact, do we even know what kinds and amounts of foods would make our diet balanced and lead us toward good health? Buying and cooking foodstuffs is a common experience for all of us. However, when purchasing, do we really know hoe to select the food items? Do we know the household ways of finding out whether the food item is adulterated? If the diet is not balanced the result would be malnutrition and nutritional deficiency diseases. So, we find out the type of diet that should be eaten by a person who is suffering from a disease – from fever, diarrhoea, diabetes or hypertension.

SLMobj.png Learning Objectives
After reading this chapter, you are expected to learn about:
  • Identify the relationship between nutrition and health
  • Explain the term balanced Diet
  • Explain the meaning of Diet therapy
  • State the nutritional problems associated with fever, diarrhea, diabetes and hypertension.

Communicating Nutrition Messages

Good communication is difficult because people do not always agree on:

Rules of good communication

SLMsum.png Results

SLMkp.png Key Points

The key points of this chapter are as follows:

SLMgloss1.png Glossary

We should be familiar with the following words which are used in this unit-

Activities A group of tasks

Evaluation A judgment of the value of an activity or programme based on measurement or assessment of the results of the activity or programme.


The order of importance.

SLMtest1.png Practice Test

SLMfeedb.png Answers to SAQs

SLMref.png References and Further Readings