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Grenada is a small island located in the caribbean region. The population is not that big as other countries in the caribbean region. Grenada was the leading producer of nutmegs in the world. So many people in world use nutmegs and nutmeg-related products. If they only know what people have to go through just so they can enjoy the joys of this black gold, they will have more respect and show more appreciation for the people of Grenada. Paraclete is a village in St. Andrew's the largest parish that produces lots of nutmegs. There are a lot of farmers there who grow nutmegs. One of them nick named Short Joe, sometimes called Sa Joe, will always be remembered for his contributions. There is a lot one can learn from these rural communities if you visit these places and chat with some of the villagers. Nutmeg production dropped significantly after Hurricane Ivan which damaged more than 90% of the nutmeg crops in this area. As a result, farmers were stripped from their basic livelihood and are now depending on the government for survival. A lot of farmers have since replanted some trees and are hoping they will bear soon so as to start harvesting and selling again.
If you ever get the chance of visiting Grenada in the very near future, please ensure you visit the lovely village of Paraclete and get a feel as to what it is like to be a NUTMEG FARMER.

Ps. Contributed by Jamal Millette (Paraclete Grenada).