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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Nouveau Tourism

Course Code: TT518001

Lesson Plan

Aim: Introduce paper and concepts within it.

Lecture Delivery Plan:

1.Go through wiki/assessment and blog (expectations), course duration

2. What and where is the Seattle Space Needle (city, region, country, continent) - does it have a function? What other tourism attractions are in the city? (5mins)

Class contract - ask students to explain it. (anything to be added?)

Nouveau Tourism - new - what sort of tourism is NZ most known for? - Adventure - market (backpackers)

3. Start on wiki - look at first paragraph explain that we must first look at past, present trends before we can predict future trends.

Go through Summary forecast (on wiki) Questions:

  • 4 highest growth total percentages for inbound markets in order - can students explain why?
  • Lowerst

4. Move on through the wiki ask students to read the link for PESTEL than complete a trial PESTEL then ask students to complete on PEST analysis from the reading.

  • Macro environment - PESTEL
  • Micro - SWOT

5. Go to the blog and ask students to answer the question (everyone)

Supporting Resources