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Central Otago Rail Trail

Image courtesy of eyeintim


Understanding and evaluation of destinations response to visitors needs


Evalutating the Otago Central Rail Trail


You are working at the Dunein I-site and a customer asks you the following questions. Please complete. Remembering at this level of work you should be expanding on the question.

1. Why doesn't it cost anything to go on the rail trail? Who runs it?

2. Is it always open? What is the best time to ride it?

3. How long is it? How long should you allow to ride it? What about walking?

4. What kind of surface does the rail trail have? What is the average speed you can travel on it?

5. Name four stations on the railtrail? Write a paragraph about their history.

6. Is there any luxury accommodation available on the trail? If so where? Who is it run by? What does it offer? How do you know it is of a luxury standard?

7. What is the Otago Central Rail Passport and how much does it cost?

8. Choose one of the tours available on the rail trail and in your own words explain what in particular interested you in it.

9. Find a blog, video or article about the rail trail - write a paragraph about it.

10. How many people are estimated to travel the rail trail each year? Has this increased or declined

11. Have you been on the railtrail? Can you write a few sentences about your experience.

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