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Eugene Oregon Food for Lane County volunteers

Image courtesy of Don Hankins

Objectives (Assessment)

1. Identify and understand the evolving nature of tourism.

2. Analyse current trends

3. Evaluate an industry response (in this case a voluntary one) to a destination's needs


As part of a promotional package which will help to attract your peers (people your own age) to volunteer their services in a community/voluntourism role. Choose a medium to convey your messages (from the examples provided) and in conjunction with a voluntourism programme already running in the geographical area you have individually chosen create it. Also write an executive summary which answers the questions outlined below.


1. Create a sample of the type/mode of promotion you are intending to use to help persuade your peers to take part in a volunteer programme:

  • Video (for YouTube) - this can be done in pairs or individually
  • Weblog (blogger or wordpress) which is designed to attract graduating students (your age) to volunteer their time and skills and be of an appropriate length (one which you think your peers will read) - it must also contain all the relevant information you would, as someone interested want to know. Please ensure there are at least four links to other websites or blogs included

2. To assist with this, choose an existing, legitimate volunteer programme in one of the following countries/continents using it as a resource to help make your promotion more persuasive. Provide a URL (internet address):

  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Africa

3. Or work on a community/tourism volunteer programme in Dunedin and use this scheme as a base for your assessment

4. Provide an executive summary which gives a detailed description of the benefits and drawbacks of the particular promotion/media mix you chose and the rationale behind your choice. You are also required to identify the promotional messages you are conveying and how they relate to your target market. The summary should also identify the current trends towards volunteering in the geographic zone you have chosen.

All work must be correctley referenced.

You need to have completed all other activities for this course to pass.

This assessment is due Thursday, April 14. Please email all work to Hillary before 3pm.

Supporting Resources