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SCT Cluster Meeting @ ASHS Wednesday 10th April

Present: Sharon Kiely (ASHS); Steve King (Westlake Boys); Michael Baty (Whangaparoa); Lyndsay Prendiville (AJHS)


1 - intro, and for anyone joining us new, what their role of SCT looks like in their school

Welcome Michael, round table chat about SCT and what our roles were (similar to last time).
Michael talked about his role being very much a supportive one, also works with PRTs and has rece tly delivered PD with a department on differentiation

Steve talked about his upcoming PD and how the structure of SCT looks in his school with the large roll and department sizes.

2 - How Professional Inquiry works at ASHS, our process, collaboration and examples

Sharon showed process that staff follow on Monday afternoon PD, the difference in individual and dept inquiries, resources online, twice a year report back to full staff with parallel 20min sessions covering all types/stages of inquiries, google doc sharing of inquiries and template for leading questions – all on the Wiki page

With the failure of google groups due to us being from different organisations, wondering if could be useful for sharing. Sharon has put some info on a page to show what it could look like if we think useful?

3 - Any updates from last meeting, resources to share, current projects being worked on etc

Not sure we got onto this too much?

4 - What we would like to get out of this group, and crafting a formalised agenda/location for next meeting

Discussion on
-Raising profile of SCTs within our settings and outside of our schools
-Meeting 2 times a term best for making progress
-Meetings need a purpose, so we can bring things to share based on that purpose, but also make time for each person having space to share a positive/challenge
-Needing a space for future ideas/have put doc on the Wiki page
-Shoulder tapping SCTs to join

Next meeting - Albany Junior High Wednesday 5th June (Wk5) 3.30
Agenda – Sharing successes and challenges, and will set following meetings purpose (as more people there)

To action:
Michael to send email with SCT doc on role
Lyndsay to email us the BYOD conference in holidays detail
Check out the wiki page, feedback welcome!