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Test paper-I

Q.I. Define

1. protogymy

2.effective stroke

3.palmella stage


Q.II. Differentiate between-

1. plasmotomy and plasmogamy

2.fringing reef and atoll

3.primary host and secondary host

4.Direct deposit feeder and indirect deposit feeder.

Q.III.Give location and functon


2. nematocyst



Q.IV.Give the answers of the following questions-

1. describe the canal system in Sycon.

2. Explain conjugation with the help of diagrams.

3.Explain pseudopodial theory of locomotion.

4.write short note on the cells present in Sycon.

5.Describe the phenomenon of polymorphism in Hydroidea.

6.Explain adaptive radiation in polychaetes w.r.t. habitat.

7.Explain various stages of life cycle of Fasciola hepatica with the help of diagrams.

Test paper-II

Q.1. Define

totipotency, polymorphism, polyembryony, cephalization, plasmotomy, metagenesis, metachromal rhythm, palmella stage, protandry, epitoky.

Q.2. Write location and function-

mastigonemes, choanocytes, thesocytes, pneumatophore, parapodia, reef edge, penetration glands, cnidoblast, amphid, radioles.

Q.3. Differentiate between-

a) fringing reef and barrier reef

b) chizogony and sporogony

c) binary fission and multiple fission

d) archaeocytes and amoebocytes

e) apopyles and prosopyles

f) male and female Ascaris

g) hermatypic corals and ahermatypic corals

h) true metamerism and psuedometamerism

i)prostomia and deutrostomia.