No Diana!

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An 18-month old girl, Diana sits watching her mother prepare to wash clothing. Diana sits on a chair too high for her to climb down by herself.

Mom: Sit here, Diana

Mom goes on washing: Diana cries "I will fall, I will fall".

Mom picks up Diana and places her in the corridor. She closes the trap door and washes in the lobby.

Mom: I will finish soon, Diana.

Diana tries to push open the trap door. She can't and the door fan is pushing her against the post.

Diana: Open the door, Mom!

Mom opens the door and lets Diana out. She gives Diana a children's picture book to read.

Mom: Read your books, Diana.

Mom is washing. Diana notices a container with water. She puts the book in the water and begins to wash.

Mom: Oh no, Diana!

Mom breast feeds Diana.

Mom: You love this.

Diana falls asleep. She sleeps on a bed.

Mom finishes her washing

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