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Featured project

A vibrant young high school student Wiki Ambassador Darsana Joseph is eager to be a Social Entrepreneur. Wiki Ambassador Darsana Joseph has a mission. She has decided to start a wiki project in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint. She is leading her school on a wiki project. The project envision a gradated plan.

  1. Issue a "Domestic Food waste to Bio-gas Converter Unit" to volunteers
  2. Train, monitor and support them in collecting food waste from neighbours
  3. Ensure the involvement of Residential Associations and civic authorities
  4. Sell the organic manure to the neighbours and to the public
  • Support neighbours, civic authorities in developing parks, cultivating garden, planting trees etc
  • The volunteers are getting trained on online facilitation. The project will be promoted online using Blogs, Vlogs, Wikis and the like.

It all takes place using Wikis. Hence Darsana is now enrolling school mates, members of eBalajanasakhyam and teachers of eSchool Keralainto online English language training at George Machlan. These people will ensure global audience to the project using their blogs, wikis, broadcast channels.

Wiki Neighbour Sebastian Panakal is working with Darsana. In order to learn 21st century skills and to master the art of Facilitation, he is undergoing a Wiki training lead by Sarah Stewart at Facilitating Online 2010.

Darsana presented her project to international audience while she facilitated Sebastian Panakal at FO2010.


News and events


"Any place that anyone can learn something useful from someone with experience is an educational instituition"

Imparting quality education to the powerful young generation,Nirmala has been glittering in the educational field for the past 50 years .Adding a golden feather to the academic field Nirmala was established on Ist June 1962.The corner stone of this academic foundation laid by Sr.Reny S.D,has now transformed into a mahal carved out of love,care,value $ knowledge.

Sisters of destitute is one of the reputed congregations that support,shelter,love & care the poor & the destitute.The foundation of Nirmala H.S.S was a successful step of this congregation in the field of education.This congregation of the most efficient nuns,provided the most reputed,excellent & capable captions to this instituition has taken thousands of childhoods from darkness to the light of knowledge & values.Sr.Jeneieve S.D the formermost teacher of this institution & all other reputed personalities are the leading lamps for all the teachers of this instituition to impart moral values & knowledge to the young generation .Hence this instituition enriched the goldmine of academically outstanding performers with 28 rank holders.Realizing the excellence in academic & extra curricular activities Higher secondary section was granted as a shining stone to her golden crown on Jone 2002.

S.S.L.C results of the academic year 2009-2010 had marked a reputed position of Nirmala in the academic field by providing 35 outstanding performers with A+ grade for all subjects.

The passion $ fathomless dedication of our former Principals - Sr.Reny,Sr.Auxilia,Sr.Zozima,Sr.Redempta,Sr.Majella $ Sr.Rancy ,is the foundation of excellence of this prestigious instituition.

In this society that gives dire importance to both academic & extra curricular activities it is the efficient hand of our principal Rev.Sr.Gita that keep this instituition an ever shining one!
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