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INS National Seminar 2010

College of Engineering (TMU, Moradabad) and Indian Nuclear Society jointly organized INS National Seminar at the Seminar Hall of COE on 21/08/2010. The theme of the Seminar was “Indian Nuclear Programme: Pride of India” (INP-PI-2010).

Dr. Prabhat Kumar, BHAVINI, Kalpakkam was the Chief Guest who inaugurated the function. Dr. R.K. Singh, Secreatry, INS, Prof. R.K. Mittal, Vice Chancellor, TMU, Prof. R.K. Mudgal, Registrar, TMU were the dignitaries presided over the dais; Whereas renowned scientists- R.C. Sharma, Manoj Srivastava, A.K. Shukla and Dr. C.L. Bhairam, and Dr. Anuj Agarwal, Coordinator of Applied Sciences, COE were the eminent speakers during the technical session of the INS National Seminar.

In his inaugural speech Prof. K.K. Pande, Director of COE, stated about the role of Nuclear Energy and its use in making India’s future bright. Prof. R.K. Mittal, in his welcome speech, expressed his joy for organizing such a seminar by the College of Engineering, which took lead in the research field, and welcomed Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Dr. R.K. Singh, scientists and other personalities present in the seminar hall. Moreover, he emphasized on the need of making proper strategy for fulfilling energy requirements in India. Dr. R.K. Singh put forward his idea’s and knowledge regarding the use of Nuclear Technology in the fields of industry, space, defence, food, agriculture, health, research, education, etc. He also mentioned the development of Water Technology in India.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar highlighted the importance of Plutonium (Pu) and Uranium (U) for creating Nuclear Energy. So he and his team of BHAVINI are developing 500 MWe Fast Breeder Reactor in Kalpakkam, which is first project of its own kind in the world. He displayed the map of the project on the screen through the projector and analyzed the points mentioned there. He focused that this is the first reactor on raft in the world. He also gave emphasis on team work for getting success in life and career.

In the Technical Session, renowned scientists-R.C. Sharma, Manoj Srivastava, A.K. Shukla and Dr. Anuj Agarwal presented their research papers on the theme of “Indian Nuclear Programme: Pride of India” during the INS National Seminar.

Vote of thanks is given by Prof. R.K. Mudgal. After that he appealed to the audience to take critical interest in expanding knowledge and understanding about the Nuclear Energy and its various uses for the welfare of the masses.

In the beginning, Dr. Prabhat Kumar lighted the lamp before the Goddess Saraswati, whereas other dignitaries offered flowers and garlands to the mother Goddess. Some students of COE enchanted a verse in devotion to the mother Goddess. The Programme is convened by Prof. R.K. Pande and organized by Dr. S.R. Ali, Dr. A.K. Agarwal and Dr. Mayank Pawar.

Reporter- Abnish Singh