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Image courtesy of Kim Thomas
Make your own book


  • Locate a copy of the Arboriculture Code of Practice on the NZ Occupational Safety and Health Service website.
  • Print and bind the PDF version of the Code of practice in suitable size and strength for field work


  1. Download the OSH PDF version of the Arboriculture Code of Practice.
  2. Print this PDF with the following settings: 2 pages per A4 sheet, double sided. (so you end up with an A5 booklet)
  3. Cut the A4 pages in half and arrange pages in correct order
  4. Create a front and back cover for the booklet using card board
  5. Staple these pages together (you will need a heavy duty stapler)
  6. Use duct tape to reinforce the spine of the book

(NB. Some printers will not have these settings as an option. You will need to find a printer that does, get a professional to help, or print with your own settings)

Support materials

See Kim's flickr photo series on how to create a booklet