Nervous System Test Yourself Answers

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1. Add the following labels to this diagram of a motor neuron.

cell body | nucleus | axon | dendrites | myelin sheath | muscle fibres

Neuron labelled.JPG

2. What is a synapse?

A synapse is where two adjacent neurons connect.

3. What is a reflex?

A reflex is an automatic response to a stimulus.

4. Rearrange the parts of a reflex arc given below in the order in which the nerve impulse travels from the sense organ to the muscle.

sense organ | relay neuron | motor neuron | sensory neuron | muscle fibres
The nerve impulse travels from the sense organ to the sensory neuron to the relay neuron to the motor neuron to the muscle fibres.

5. Add the following labels to the diagram of the dog’s brain shown below.

cerebellum | cerebral hemisphere | cerebral cortex | pituitary gland | medulla oblongata

Anatomy and physiology LS dog's brain.JPG

6. What is the function of the meninges that cover the brain and spinal cord

The meninges protect the brain and spinal cord.

7. Give 3 effects of the action of the sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system increases the heart rate, the rate of breathing, the blood flow to skeletal muscles and causes the pupils of the eye to dilate.