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Based on NZQA 18758

People credited with this unit standard are able to: launch and close a web browser and use browser controls; use search engines; and use webpage hyperlinks.

Courses that use this topic

Launch and close a web browser and use browser controls

  • Browser is launched allowing access to the web.
  • URL is entered and the webpage is opened.
  • Browser controls are used to navigate between webpages.

Range: may include but is not limited to - forward and back, home, stop, search, favourites/bookmarks, history. Evidence of five is required.

  • Webpage content is saved.

Range: content is printed, content is saved to file

  • Browser is closed.

Use search engines

  • Search engines appropriate to the search topic are selected and opened.

Range: may include but is not limited to - local search engines, global search engines.

  • Query is formulated and entered.

Range: simple search query - single word, phrase; advanced search - search engine advanced searching options, use of the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT.

  • Hits relevant to the search query are determined and opened.

Range: at least three hits opened.

Use webpage hyperlinks

  • Hyperlinks are identified on a webpage.

Range: highlighted text, pictures, email addresses.

  • Hyperlink is opened.

Range: hyperlink linking within a website or webpage, hyperlink linking between websites.


  • This unit standard may be assessed using any personal computer with either dial up or permanent Internet connection, or any computer running on an intranet. In the case of a dial up connection, establishing a connection is not a skill covered by this unit standard.
  • If an intranet is used, the web server must be configured to provide all the necessary resources for this standard - eg search engines.
  • Definitions
    • A search is the use of a search engine to locate resources on a web.
    • Local search engine is any search engine intentionally limited in search range to a specific locality or topic, or is specific to a website.
    • Global search engine is any search engine not limited by locality, topic, or website.
    • Webpage content is any picture or text on a webpage or, in the case of saving to file, includes any downloadable file available on the webpage.
    • An intranet is a web server running on an internal network.