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This lesson plan will demonstrate how the limited quantity of fresh water on earth is purified by the environment.


We will be creating a lesson plan for 6th and 7th graders explaining how water naturally filtered by the environment. We will have the children construct a water filter to purify pond water using a 2-liter soda® bottle, and different materials such as pebbles, kitty litter, clay, moss, cheese cloth, charcoal, potting soil, marbles, sand, and gravel. This experiment will be a contest to see which student receives the purest water. Students will also be asked to form a clear hypothesis about the materials they used for their filter and the order they used to layer these materials in the filter. They will also be asked to measure out a certain volume of water to pour into their filter and use a stop watch to record the amount of time it took for the water to filter through.

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