National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education (Vocational Tutor/Lecturer)/Unit Standard 21204

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Develop adult learners' literacy and numeracy skills within a training or education programme

This unit standard is intended to raise the literacy awareness of an adult educator from a non-literacy subject area where the main purpose is to develop skills other than literacy. This adult educator may have learners who need literacy skills' development to successfully achieve in a training or education programme that is not a specialist literacy and/or ESOL programme. The adult educator is likely to be delivering a programme and will be recognised as an adult educator in their own field. This unit standard assumes a professional level of expertise in adult education and training, including cultural perspectives that underpin their teaching to Maori learners and learners from other cultures. People credited with this unit standard are able to describe adult literacy in Aotearoa New Zealand, including in relation to the programme, describing Maori literacy; and, in the context of an actual education or training programme with actual learners: identify the literacy demands of the programme, identify the literacy strengths and needs of the individual learners in the programme; integrate literacy skill development into the delivery of the programme; use literacy teaching strategies to promote adult literacy skill development in the programme; assess learner literacy progress in the programme; and evaluate effectiveness of literacy teaching strategies and learning activities and any specialist adult literacy support in the programme.