National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education (Vocational Tutor/Lecturer)/The Teaching and Learning Process

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The resource books that accompany the learning progressions (see the reference list or go to TEC Website ) show how the learning progressions can be used to support teaching and learning using three key aspects of effective teaching and learning practice.

  • Knowing the demands (of texts, tasks, situations or problems that learners encounter)
  • Knowing the learner (what a learner can do already, in order to determine the next learning steps: this includes the use of assessment activities)
  • Knowing what to do (to help learners move on to the next steps: this includes the use of teaching and learning activities).

This three-sided or triangle model is a useful basis for planning and teaching, and should be reflected your practice with learners.

Go to Embedding Literacy and Numeracy Module for more about the teaching and learning process.