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NZCARN Meetings

An afternoon with Jean McNiff. Jean's focus will be Researching our Practice: Transparency, accountability and transformation.

Hosted by the University of Waikato Wilf Malcom Centre for Eduational Research

NZCARN invites you to an video conference event on Thursday November 24 from 1-3 pm.

The afternoon will take the form of a workshop with an initial presentation by Jean, group discussion and preparation of questions and a further session with Jean in response.

For more information e-mail

Ethical Issues in Action Research - National Symposium of NZCARN focusing on ethical issues in action research.

This successful symposium was held at University of Waikato on Friday 1 July 2011 from 9:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Keynote speakers:

Susan Groundwater Smith, Honory Professor in the Divison of Professional Learning, University of Sydney,

John O'Meill, Professor of Teacher Education at Massey University.


NZCA&RN Annual Meeting at NZARE conference on 8th December, 2010

Draft notes from our annual meeting at NZARE, for editing by those mentioned and/or present.

Notes by Niki, ...  (please add your name here when you edit)

1. Welcome and apologies

(Please note that Niki plans to edit in more names of those present who listed there names at the meeting, etc.)

Present: Niki Davis (National Coordinator), Alison Ayrton (Canterbury Contact), Noeline Alcorn (Wakato Contact), Michael Gaffney (Otago Contact), Jenny Posklitt (Massey Contact), Keryn Pratt, Elaine Mayo, .Fiona Gilmore, Hannin Hussain, Jenny Hindin Miller, Linda Webb, Pat Drake

Apologies: Angus Hikairo Macfarlane (Maori contact), Donna Morrow (Web contact), Margaret Lamont (Victoria University of Wellington Contact), Bronwen Cowie (Waikato Contact), Missy Morton (Canterbury Contact), Max Gold (Otago Contact), Alex Gunn,  ...

2. No need to form a SIG at NZARE

Although NZCA&RN was proposed as a SIG to NZARE, the meeting at NZARE decided that this was a premature step and we would not take it forward, at least at this time. NZARE SIG convener Alex Gunn, later confirmed that NZARE was happy to enable NZCA&RN to meet during NZARE without the need to form a SIG.

3. Call for National Coordinator(s) to replace the founding Coordinator, Niki Davis

Niki confirmed her intension to step down as National Coordinator and invited one or more leaders to step forward. Bronwen Cowie, Waikato Contact, had declared that day that regular change in leadership is healthy and we agreed. It was also noted that shared leadership would be welcome, as has developed with our larger institutional members. It will also be helpful is one or more of that leadership team is associated with the institutions that are members of CARN, which is the condition that underlies our CARN hub that is NZCA&RN. Those present unanimously agreed when Noeline Alcorn (Waikato) proposed that a call be sent out via email.

4. The focus of NZCA&RN

There was a healthy discussion of the need for more clarity on on the scope of NZCA&RN, particularly on its range beyond Action Research and the ways in which Kaupapa Maori Research approaches fit within and beyond the flow in our braided river. Niki noted that the unavoidable absence of our Maori Contact Angus Macfarlane resulted in an incomplete discussion and that this would be a focus for ongoing activity. Note: At the NZCA&RN Symposium on the following day the debate continued and developed. Angus noted that an important way for NZCA&RN to appreciate Kaupapa Maori Research was through adoption of its principles within the braided river of approaches that we welcome into our national network.

The discussion around our name highlighted the idea that some people see it as important that the NZ group focuses on "action research" (hence NZCARN) while others want to enable interactions with other approaches which have similar underpinning principles (hence NZCA&RN where the focus is on "collaborative action" and "research network"). The discussion is an important one; the tension is a healthy one; both perspectives are important. The proposal in this footnote, therefore, it that we recognise any one of the (currently three) options: NZCA&RN; NZCA and RN, or NZCARN. (And Niki - could we gradually, also change the second option to NZCAandRN - the split version is really tricky to deal with - that would mean changing the title of this space!) Who would suffer if we allowed all three? They simply suit slightly different purposes and have slightly different connotations. It was later resolved under the leadership of Noeline Alcorn and Bronwen Cowie that NZCARN would be used as much as possible.

5. NZCA&RN events in 2011

The following events were discussed and noted:

  • Study Day (CARN may provide funds for a study day)
  • Event involving Bridget Somekh during her 6 weeks in New Zealand (March or April) - Canterbury lead TBC
  • Event developing Maori and Kaupapa Maori Research within and beyond NZCA&RN flow of braids - Angus Macfarlane to lead TBC
  • Event involving Jean McNiff in the lead up to NZARE - Waikato to lead (Pip Bruce Ferguson) TBC
  • NZARE annual conference meeting (and symposium TBC

6. Thanks
Niki would like to thank everyone for their participation and support of Collaborative Action and Research Networking in New Zealand, particularly Noeline Alcorn and Bronwen Cowie for their supportive leadership during the year, including the successful NZCA&RN Symposium that took place the following day.

NZARE NZCA&RN Symposium Thursday 9th December 2010 11am - 12.25 pm

Also announced on international CARN Ning

Symposium Title: Theoretical frames for collaborative action research in New Zealand
Room: Block 423, Lecture Theatre 348

Paper#1: A Critical overview of action research in New Zealand 1980-2010

Presenters: Noeline Alcorn, Pip Bruce Ferguson, Terry Locke (University of Waikato)

Paper Reference: ALC10091
Date / Time: Thursday, December 9 2010, 1105 to 1140

Paper#2: An illustration of collaborative action and research networking (NZCA&RN): Emergent research methodologies as a course of action

Presenters/authors: Niki Davis, Elaine Mayo, Janinka Greenwood, Helen Heyward & Angus Macfarlane (University of Canterbury)
Paper Reference: DAV10092

Emergent Research Methodologies eHui from 20th July, 2010


This synchronous and asynchronous event involved four presentations from staff at UC, plus an welcome mihi by Professor Angus Macfarlane:

The goal of the event is to discuss the ebbs and flows around research methodology, what is it we do? Why is it worth doing? Etc.

This is our space for NZCA&RN members and their colleagues, students and others to participate in the session.

On Tuesday 20th July there was a synchronous gathering in the following locations plus individuals connecting in from a distance. In addition to individual online participation, locations for NZCA&RN gatherings were:

  • University of Canterbury in Otakaro 205 (4-6 pm)
  • University of Waikato, Faculty of Education (5-6pm) - Interested individuals can log on any computer that has Internet access with Flash installed.

Questions during the session were asked using the Chat window in our Adobe Connect room. 

Recordings of the presentations are available through the web links below

Angus Macfarlane, Professor or Maori Education: eHui welcome

Niki Davis, Professor of e-Learning: Presentation on Action Research

Janinka Greenwood, Associate Professor of Education: Presentation on Arts-Based Research

Helen Hayward, Associate Professor of Education: Presentation on Kaupapa Māori Research

Part 1:
Part 2:

Elaine Mayo, Associate Professor of Education: Presentation on Practitioner Research