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  • Gain Achievement - Student follows and uses paddling calls such as "hip" (to change).
  • Gain Merit - Student consistently follows and uses paddling calls and understands their meaning.
  • Gain Excellence - Student consistently leads paddling calls and can accurately decide when to use them.

Calls Meaning When Used
Kia rite
Get Ready
At commencement of paddling
Paddle Forward
To start the team paddling together
Hip / Hut
To effect change of side the paddler is paddling on
Hold Water Hold Water Team places paddle in the water alongside the gunnel to stop the waka from continuing to move
Mau Hold Paddlers in Seat 1 & 2 to reach out to the left place paddle in the water to turn the ihu
Paddlers in Seat 1 & 6 to enter their blades by their knees and hold up against the hull, to act as a rudder.
Paddlers in Seat 1, 2 & sometimes 5 are already in mau or pana action, next they start to pull the blade toward them, ensuring the water they pull goes under the hull.  This causes the ihu or noko to turn left or right if in 5 & 6.
Kia Mau
Paddlers to take paddles out of the water and stop paddling.
This can have different meanings for different teams, generally this means more power in the power phase of the stroke
Kick it Kick it Once again this can have different meanings, generally a term used to pick up the rate and or power in the waka to get the waka moving more efficiently and with speed.