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Intended as a case study for international profiling on all of the OER Foundation lists and home page / front page news link on WikiEducator.

Possible interview questions ...

Meet the National University of Samoa
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The National University of Samoa is a leading tertiary education provider in the South Pacific which offers over 60 academic, technical and vocational programmes, which is an admirable achievement considering a national population of only 180,000. In what ways do you see OER assisting your University in responding to the challenges facing small island states in the provision of higher education without compromising national identity?

The provision of higher education in small island states continue to be a challenge due to the lack of access to educatioal resources and also the affordability of such resources. The provision of free content through OERs will provide access to quality educational resources which can be used to improve the quality, depth and breadth of existing courses but also to secure course content for new courses. OERs such as video clips, images and sound can provide stimulating media for delivery of course content to students. But perhaps the best advantage of joining the OER foundation is the access of lecturers and ultimately students to communities of practice and networks where ideas and content is shared. This sharing and collaboration is very much aligned and is harmonious with the Samoan culture of sharing and collaborating.

Samoan culture is rooted in the principle of vāfealoa'i, the relationships between people. In particular, the Samoan community approach means participating in activities collectively, not unlike the collaborative methods underpinning the OER movement. Drawing on the principles of vāfealoa'i, what advice can you provide the international education community in achieving success with open education approaches?

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Samoa is an early pioneer of the WikiEducator family, with the Dean of Science serving as an elected member of our Community Council and the University hosting a number of wiki workshops for staff and the community. In a digital age, can OER provide an international voice for South Pacific nations? How would this manifest itself in the day-to-day operations of the National University of Samoa?

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What do you see as the curriculum priorities for tertiary education provision in Samoa which the international OER community should prioritise for collaborative OER development?

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From your desk, what do you see to be the main advantages of joining the OER Foundation in supporting you to achieve your organisational objectives?

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