NSOU-CEMCA Workshop on Capacity Building Workshop on e-Content Development

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National Workshop on Capacity Building Workshop on e-Content Development

Venue: Netaji Subhas Open University(NSOU),Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Duration: May 18-20, 2017
Organised by: NSOU in collaboration with CEMCA


The objectives of this three day workshop were to :

  • develop e-content for the course material;
  • capacity building of teachers to develop e-content using open source softwares;
  • Create ce-content

Resource Persons

The Resource Persons for this three day workshop were Dr. Nisha Singh,Deputy Director,Inter University Consortium, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi; Dr. Manas R. Panigrahi, Programme Officer, CEMCA; Dr. Anirban Ghosh, Associate Professor and Officer-in-Charge, School of Professional Studies & School of Vocational Studies, NSOU; Mrs. Barnali Roy Choudhury, Assistant Professor, NSOU

Participants of the Workshop

Workshop Methodology

All the participants for the workshop were provided individual attention and hands-on experience in all the sessions. The participants were requested to bring content material (if possible, software copy) of their own discipline / choice. The participants worked on authoring softwares individually and then developed e-content in groups.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop on “Capacity Building Workshop on  e-Content Development”

May 18th to 20th,2017

organised by

School of Vocational Studies, Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) sponsored by Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia-Commonwealth of Learning (COL-CEMCA)

Time Content/ topic Learning outcomes Resource person
Day 1 (18/5/17)
12.30-1.30 E-Content: What it is; Definition
Types: Textual; audio; video; audiovisual
• Participants will be able to describe the various types of e-content
• identify the type of e-content suitable to their context
Dr. Nisha Singh
1.30-2.15 OER: Introduction; Searching for OER and Group Work • Participants will be able to identify and relate to OER
• search for OER
• collect OER related to their discipline/topic
Dr. Manas R. Panigrahi and
Mrs. Barnali Roy Choudhury
2.15-2.45 Lunch
2.45-3.45 Instructional Design: Concept; Basics and ID Model : AIDDE • Participants will be able to realize the importance of ID
• Use AIDDE model of ID
Dr. Nisha Singh
3.45-4.30 E-content: Scripting Basic; importance; Points to consider while developing script for e-content
and Group work
• Participants will be able to design e-content
• identify the multimedia components of the e-content
• identify which component will be available as OER and which they have to develop
Dr. Nisha Singh
4.30-4.45 Tea Break
4.45-5.45 Concept Mapping: Basic; importance; Software for developing concept map: Free-mind
and Group work
Participants will be able to build concept map on the identified concept using Free mind Dr. Nisha Singh
Day 2 (19/5/17)
10.00-11.30 Multimedia components: Audio-Audacity Video; Mobile/camera
and Group Work
• Participants will be able to install audacity & develop audio using Audacity
•develop video using camera/mobile for their e-content
Dr. Nisha Singh
11.30-11.45 Tea Break
11.45-1.15 Wikieducator: Developing content collaborative way
and Group work
Participants will be able to • create account on wiki educator
• Do basic editing on Wiki
Dr. Anirban Ghosh
1.15-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 eXe-E-content Developing Tool
and Group work
Participants will be able to • install eXe
• create pages on eXe
• insert multimedia components in eXe
Dr. Nisha Singh
3.30-3.45 Tea Break
3.45-5.30 Hands-on and Group work Participants will be able to develop package on eXe Dr. Nisha Singh
Day 3 (20/5/17)
10.00-11.30 Online Assessment: Hot Potatoes
and Group Work
• Participants will be able to install Hot potatoes
develop quiz: multiple choice; Fill in blanks, Match the following; crossword, mix and match
Dr. Nisha Singh
11.30-11.45 Tea Break
11.45-1.15 Hands-on and Group work Participants will be able to develop e-content using the tools taught : Audacity, eXe; hot potatoes Dr. Nisha Singh
1.15-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.00 Presentations in Groups Participants will showcase the e-content developed group Dr. Nisha Singh ; Dr. Manas R. Panigrahi & Dr. Anirban Ghosh
3.00-3.15 Tea Break
3.15-4.00 Feedback and certificate distribution Participants will be able to design their e-content activities. Dr. Nisha Singh ; Dr. Manas R, Panigrahi & Dr. Anirban Ghosh

Schedule of the workshop

Resources of the Workshop

List of participants

S.No. Name of the Participant Affiliation Contact Details Participant
1. Mr. Pradip Ghosal DIET, Howrah pradip1970ghosal@gmail.com Pradip Ghosh
2. Dr. Bandana Das Academic Counsellor Bandandas.nsou@gmail.com Bandana Das
3. Smt. Sipra Raha Member NSOU, Ex-teacher in BBS sipraraha15@gmail.com Shipra Raha
4. Ms Asima Paul Faculty , Maharahani Kasiswari College Study Centre itsasima78@gmail.com Asima Paul
5. Ms. Mithu Mondal Faculty , Sarojini Naidu College PIMT, DPTEM-NSOU mithumondal15@gmail.com Mithu Mondal
6. Mr.Ranjan Biswas Faculty of Pre-primary Teachers Training ranjanbiswas935@gmail.com Ranjan Biswas
7. Ms.Srabanti Choudhuri Asst. Prof. of Sociology, NSOU srabantichoudhuri@gmail.com Srabanti choudhari
8. Mr.Prabir Kr. Dey Director, PIMT pimt.pkd@gmail.com prabir Kr. Dey
9. Ms.Syed Gulshis Sabnam Faculty, SSDA, Study Center Bolpass sgsabnam@gmail.com Syed Gulshis Sabnam
10. Mr.Asish Kumar Mandal Chief Coordinator, PIMT pimt.nsou.odl@gmail.com Ashish Kr. Mandal
11. Dr. Sintu Ganai Asst. Prof., Chemistry, NSOU sintuganai@gmail.com Sintu Ganai
12. Ms.Sampurna Goswami Project Assistant, School of Sciences,NSOU mailto.sampurna@rediffmail.com Sampurna Goswami
13. Ms. Kasturi Sinha Ghosh Asst. Prof., Social Work, SPS, NSOU kasturisghosh@gmail.com Kasturi Sinha Ghosh
14. Mr.Sri Binayak Chanda Asstt. Prof.,Muragachha Govt.College binax2012@gmail.com Binayak Chanda
15. Ms. Sujata Das NSS Study Centre sujatad991@gmail.com Sujata Das
16. Ms.Barnali Roy Choudhury Asstt. Prof., (LIS),SPS, NSOU barna.chakrabarti@gmail.com Barnali Roy Choudhary
17. Dr. Piku Chowdhury Asstt. Prof.,Satyapriya Roy College of Education chowdhury.piku@yahoo.com Piku Chowdhary
18. Mr.Md. Mizanoor Rehman Asstt. Prof.,Bangladesh Open University mizan2006@yahoo.com Mizanoor Rehman
19. Ms.Najnin Jahan Asstt. Prof., Bangladesh Open University najraj_bou@yahoo.com Najnin Jaha
20. Mr.Hillol Ghosh Information Technology Officer,NSOU ghosh.hillol@gmail.com Hillol Ghosh
21. Mr.Arijit Ghosh Asstt. Prof., NSOU ari.nsou@gmail.com Arjit Ghosh
22. Dr. Papiya Upadhyay Asstt. Prof. SOE,NSOU papiyaupadhyay@yahoo.com Papiya Upadhaya
23. Ms.Ashmita Das Faculty, NSS Study Centre rick_junda@yahoo.com Ashmita Das
24. Ms. Ajifa Paul Chowdhury Faculty, Maharani Kasiswari College ajifachowdhury@gmail.com Ajifa Paul Chowdhury
25. Mr.Prabir Naskar Asst. Prof., SOE,NSOU prabir2007_naskar@rediffmail.com Prabir Naskar
26. Dr. Manoj Kr.Halder Asst. Prof. of Political Sciences, NSOU manojkumarhaldar@wbnsou.ac.in Manoj Kr. Halder
27. Ms. Madhusri Ghosh Upadhyay Deputy Librarian,NSOU madhusri.ghosh@gmail.com Madhusri Ghosh Upadhyay
28. Mr. Satyaki Dey Faculty of PIMT satyakidey.roch@gmail.com Satyaki