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At the airport

At times you may be required to access information about a flight you are going to board or the flight of a friend or family member who you have gone to meet. Let's learn how you do that.


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At the end of this lesson students will be able to:
  1. enquire about flight departures.Airport.jpeg
  2. enquire about flight arrivals.Arrival.jpeg

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Key points

Grammar: Future tense

  • ir+a+infinitive

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  • The present tense of the irregular verb ir
  • Telling the time

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Useful vocabulary

  • el vuelo-The flight
  • llegar-to arrive
  • llegadas-arrivals
  • salir-to leave
  • salidas-departures
  • aterrizar-to land(an aircraft)
  • despegar-to take-off(an aircraft)
  • el terminal-the terminal
  • el avion-the airplane
  • el pasajero-the passenger
  • el anuncio-the announcement

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  • View picture above and say what information you think the people may need.