NOSTT/Projects/Forms 4-5/Information Technology/Fundamentals of Hardware and Software

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Teacher: Wendy Wilson

Country: Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

Assigned School: Five Rivers Government Secondary School

Fundamentals of Hardware and Software Questions

This sections deals with:

    • The major components of a computer system.
    • Idenfication, Uses and function of:
      • primary storage, secondary storage and input devices.
      • units of storage
      • terms associated with storage and input devices.
    • types and functions of:
      • output devices
    • data storage & its manipulation within the computer.
    • intrepretation and understanding of:
      • Computer systems.
      • hardware specifications.
    • identification and differences of:
      • systems and application programs.
    • OS functions
    • Explain and distinguish
      • User interfaces.
      • processing modes.
      • multiprocessing, tasking and programming.

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Input Processing Output Files

Output Devices Questions

What Input Device Am I?

Popular Input & Output Acronyms

Early Computer History

Identify the Picture

Early Computer Pictures

Multiple Choice Questions Files

  Types of Computers

Source: Questions based on the following text

       Log on to IT for CSEC by R Birbal M Taylor
       Longman Information Technology for CXC by R Birbal J Blair