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Lesson Plan 2: ¿De Donde Eres?

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Key points
  • Identifying countries
  • nationalities
  • your address

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At the end of this lesson students will be able to...
  • identify countries and the accompanying nationalities
  • say which country they are from
  • say what is their nationality
  • say which locality or area they are from
  • give their address
  • find out this information from their peers

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It is very helpful if students have a grasp of el abecedario, especially their letter sounds.

New language content

  • asking and responding to simple questions using ¿Donde? ¿Cual?
  • introduction to the verbs vivir and ser in first and second persons singular
  • rules and guidance for pronunciation and spelling
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  • Map(s)
  • Audio recording(s)

Teacher Strategy

  1. Input Method
  2. Direct Instructions
  3. Synthesis
    • Note-taking
    • Role-playing
  4. Reinforcement of Effort
    • See
    • Hear
    • Do
  5. Homework and Practice

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The class may

  • Listen to an audio recording of a conversation demonstrating the new content
  • be broken into pairs or groups of three to practise asking and answering questions using the new vocabulary

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