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Introduction To Fashion Design (Course Outline)

Gerard Cropper : El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School

This course of study is made up of 6 topics and can be taught to students of Forms 1 to 3.


  1. Problem Solving
    This topic introduces the students to solving a problem using simple materials. The problem is first analysed after which, the components which make up the problem are examined to extract a solution. The solution is then acted upon using readily available materials.
  2. Basic Design
    This topic exposes students to the basic elements of designing (Elementary and Secondary principles) for example
    • Lines
    • Direction
    • Shape
    • Proportion
    • Texture
    • Tonal Value
    • Color
  3. Designing Terms
    This topic exposes students to approximately 30 terms used by designers in their everyday trade. The terms are explained in a student centered way, after which, students use each term in context
  4. Croqui Drawing
    This topic exposes students to the basic techniques for drawing the human figure. It begins with simple lines which are given direction to create shape. These techniques relate directly to the first elements of design
  5. Fashion Position Drawing
    This topic follows on from Topic 4 and focuses on the sketching of simple clothed figures, in various fashion positions.
  6. Scrapbook Compilation
    This topic brings together everything that is done in the course. Students are now directed to compile a scrap book containing all activities, which will be presented for Portfolio assessment