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Teacher Resources

  • Mathematics Vlibrary National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: This site provides a wide range of manipulative in mathematics. To get full access registration is required.
  • Algebra ManipulativesThis site focuses principally on Algebra manipulatives
  • Edutechie Good things teachers can do to get students involved
  • Educause This educational journal provides information on educational IT matters.
  • Tools for Learning This site provides the top 100 tools for learning in 2008.
  • Edupics This site contains a wide variety of pictures in various categories mainly for use in the Primary level but can be easily manipulated to be used in the Secondary level. By copying the image and inserting a text box the image can be easily moved around your document pages.
  • Adobe edu This site provides information for those teachers who may be interested in the Adobe suite of products for curriculum integration in the areas of web design, graphic design and video production etc.
  • Youtube video on class management This utube video shows features of classroom management.
  • Educational video This utube shows the importance and difference of the 21st century student’s environment
  • Hand-held devices in education This site should appeal to those teachers who may have an interest in technology, particularly in handheld devices in education. It provides some innovative curriculum initiatives and tools to cater for the use mobile technology in education (i.e. smart phones /cell phones etc.
  • Edupics On this site are categories of colouring pictures for the Primary School students.
  • Enchanted learning This site provides a wealth of resources for both teacher and students in a wide range of subject areas. To become a member an annual registration fee is required.8[ *How stuff works This site provides an array of resources of learners to explore. The Geography section gives lots of information on countries of the world including the Caribbean.
  • Homework help Here are tips for homework for students. There are also tips for parents.
  • Elearning lessons This very interesting site provides various lessons for kids.
  • workshops This site indicates the issues in ICT and ICT implementation for schools.
  • Wikispaces for teachers This is a free site to encourage on-line collaboration among teacher/education practitioners Try it in your school.
  • Animoto This is a free video production site. (Easy to use.)
  • [ Sixrevisions(This site gives 15 free online collaboration tools. You may want to have an in-depth look before deciding which one you would use)
  • Ilearn This site provides training in e-safety education for educators, parents and students
  • Mediatecultures This site provides some important videos on 21st century issues
  • Flashcardexchange It offers a range of subject-areas for study and drills using the clash card approach. Registration is required.
  • Carribeanedu This is a portal to a host of tools and other teacher resources. Explore this site you may find it very useful.
  • Eduref Here is a teacher’s reference desk for lesson plans and other materials.
  • Proquestk12 This site provides a wide range of lesson plans and other teacher resources