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This wiki page includes a small collection of selected skulls used at the 2013 ABLE Conference in Calgary. The collection sets up a simple comparison between coyotes from the northeastern US and those from the northwest. The gender of the coyotes in question is unknown, however we have selected the largest six individuals from each region. Males are substantially larger than females and it is quite likely that all twelve of the skulls on this page came from males. Setting the comparison up in this way reduces the variability that gender would introduce and therefore increases our chances of finding a difference if it exists.

Figure 1. Northeastern specimen from Warren MA
Figure 2. Northeastern specimen from Connecticut
Figure 3. Northeastern specimen from Oswego Co. NY
Figure 4. Northeastern specimen from Warren MA.
Figure 5. Northeastern specimen from Washington Co. ME
Figure 6. Northeastern specimen from Washington Co. ME
Figure 7. Northwestern specimen from SD.
Figure 8. Northwestern specimen from MO
Figure 9. Northwestern specimen from MI
Figure 10. Northwestern specimen from AK.
Figure 11. Northwestern specimen from WA
Figure 12. Northwestern specimen from Otsego Co MI