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"NABAB" - stand for North American Bangaladeshi Association for Bangladesh. This is a Parent organization which is dedicated as a unique non-profitable organization. It takes parts in the national and international events, and focouse Bangladesh in the world Class events. NABAB was created according to the needs of Bangaladeshis and all Bengali speaking Population living in the abroad specially in the United States and Canada. NABAB is taking a key role in our Socio-Cultural-Events and Activities those who are living overseas including USA and Canada. Under NABAB, all Bangladeshi Americans (specially our new generations) gather to celebrate their success and introduce their vibrate culture to this multicultural countries. Since it’s formaton in 2005, NABAB is working closely with the main stream.

Cyclone Sidr Hits on the Southern part of Bangladesh on Nov 15, 2007 and about 4000 People died. Cyclone Sidr a Category 4 cyclone struck the southwest coast of Bangladesh on Thursday, on November 15th of 2007. Cyclone Sidr devastated Southern Bangladesh with winds of over 150mph and a 16 foot tidal wave. The number of dead has reached over 3,500 people but fears are that the final toll could be significantly higher. Millions more have been rendered homeless. Thousands of villages have been ravaged, leaving homes and crops totally destroyed. Poor farmers neither have money for next year's crop/harvest preparations or household expenses, nor do they have any resources to repair and rebuild their homes. Millions of people are at high risk of death due to starvation and disease.

Write all Checks Payable to: "NABAB". You may write your Personal Bank Check, Cashier Check, Traveller's Check, Money Orders to "NABAB" & Mail it to:PO Box # 11503, Kansas City, MO 64138, USA.