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Romanian Beginner's language course

Romanian Alphabet

  • The Romanian alphabet is a modification of the Latin alphabet and consists of 31 letters.
Letter Phoneme Approximate pronunciation
A a /a/ a in "father"
Ă ă (a with breve) /ə/ a in "above"
 â (a with circumflex) /ɨ/ the close central unrounded vowel as heard, for example, in the last syllable of the word roses for some English speakers
B b /b/ b in "ball"
C c /k/ c in "cat"
/tʃ/ ch in "chimpanzee" — if c appears before letters e or i
D d /d/ d in "door"
E e /e/ e in "merry"
/e̯/ /e/)
/je/ ye in "yes" — in a few old words with initial e: este, el etc. Several Romanian dictionaries specify the pronunciation [je] for word-initial letter e in some personal pronouns: el, ei, etc. and in some forms of the verb a fi (to be): este, eram, etc.
F f /f/ f in "flag"
G g /ɡ/ g in "goat"
/dʒ/ g in "general" or "giraffe" — if g appears before letters e or i
H h /h/ h in "house"
(mute) no pronunciation if h appears between letters c or g and e or i (che, chi, ghe, ghi)
I i /i/ i in "machine"
/j/ y in "yes"
/ʲ/ (palatalization)
Î î (i with circumflex) /ɨ/ Identical to Â, see above
J j /ʒ/ s in "treasure"
K k /k/ c in "scan"
L l /l/ l in "lamp"
M m /m/ m in "mouth"
N n /n/ n in "north"
O o /o/ o in "floor"
/o̯/ /o/)
P p /p/ p in "spot"
Q q /k/ k in "kettle"
R r /r/ alveolar trill or tap
S s /s/ s in "song"
Ș ș (s with comma) /ʃ/ s in "sugar"
T t /t/ t in "stone"
Ț ț (t with comma) /ts/ zz in "pizza" but with considerable emphasis on the "ss"
U u /u/ u in "group"
/w/ w in "cow"
V v /v/ v in "vision"
W w /v/ v in "vision"
/w/ w in "west"
/u/ oo in "spoon"
X x /ks/ x in "six"
/ɡz/ x in "example"
Y y /j/ y in "yes"
/i/ i in "machine"
Z z /z/ z in "zipper"

Phrase List

  1. Basics
  2. Numbers
  • Cardinal Numbers - Romanian cardinal number convey the "how many" they're also known as "counting numbers," because they show quantity.
English Numbers Romanian Numbers
numbers Numerele
one unu
two doi
three trei
four patru
five cinci
six şase
seven şapte
eight opt
nine nouă
ten zece
eleven unsprezece

  • Ordinal Numbers - Romanian Ordinal numbers tell the order of things in a set: first, second, third, etc. Ordinal numbers do not show quantity. They only show rank or position.
  1. Time
  2. Days of the week, months